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Congratulations if you are on the first page of the search engine listing for your target terms. What you need to do now is make sure that your listings are clicked. Although most searchers click mostly on the very first listings according to statistics, there are still more listings on that page and yours needs to stand out. Below are some tips to help you.

Title and Description

The meta content description and meta title of your page almost always power your listing on the search engines. You are this way, in a position to control what is said by the search engine about you. Do not stuff your search terms just to attain a better position though it is essential to have them appear in both description and title. Put in a USP/benefit as well as a call to action and write descriptions and titles that are interesting. Keep the description to almost 160 characters and the title to around 72 to be sure everything in your listing is visible.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Incorporate breadcrumb navigation if the website includes a database product or contains subpages at the back of top level pages. You will notice breadcrumb navigation appear more often on the SERP’s.  There are 2 reasons why they happen to be there — for the user to see where on your site they are (or if they appear in SERP, where they are headed) for example: Home > Computers > Laptop Computers so the search engines use the breadcrumb navigation after doing an index instead of making use of the page’s URL.

Site Links

You can influence Google to give your site more links although you really don’t have any control over these. If your site is seen to be the pertinent page for a particular search and also have a proper structure on the website it will ensure that the search engines add some links to the website with the most pertinent information.

Rich Listing

Third party website reviews plus their Places listings are included in Google SERP’s rich snippets. Driving people to a review section of your website and/or to review sites will help Google to enhance your listing. Richer listings offer a much better assessment of how others rate and endorse your site because they are bigger and better. They have a higher rate of click through too.

Promote Endorsements & Shares

The internet is all about endorsements and content generated by the user. Google’s +1 button is the most imperative endorsement for your website. Now, you can endorse a page from the result page of a search engine and not only while you are on it. Every time your visitors +1 your listing and page it results in that listing standing out from the rest – it shows users that your content is both valuable and likeable.